Why You Should Hire And Rely On A Snow And Ice Management Company This Winter

As a business or commercial property owner the last thing on your priority list is worrying about snow and ice management. There are probably a million and one more pressing matter for you to worry about on a daily basis.

For most business owners, snow and ice management is only a factor for a few months out of the year. But it’s during these few months that their worry is at its highest. Because the day they wake up to 6 inches of snow with no way of removing it, they’ll wish they had planned better.

We recommend not being like those unwitting business or property owners. Instead, take an active role, and put a plan in place before winter weather strikes. Trust us, you’ll be happy that you did.

Here are 10 reasons to hire and rely on a snow and ice management company this winter.

1. Dependability: Snow today, gone tomorrow. When you put your trust into a snow and ice removal contractor, your worries melt away. A company that you can trust, built on service and integrity, helps you rest easy when it snows. It’s service you can rely on.

2. Health: Snow and ice removal is backbreaking work if you try to do it yourself, even if your property is just a walkway. If you are attempting to remove snow and ice from an entire lot, however, you had better own a truck. Don’t own a truck? Hire a professional to do it for you and protect your health.

3. Prioritization: Not worried about half of an inch of snow? Then forget it. Only interested in snow removal if it reaches 2 inches? We can do that. When you hire a snow removal contractor to handle your Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area business or commercial property, you decide when we help you.

4. Liability: An excess amount of snow to contend with is a dangerous encounter for the average person. When you leave your lot or entrance unclear, you run the risk of someone falling and filing a lawsuit. Hiring a snow and ice removal management company to remove the snow from your property means less worry for you, and no fear of lawsuits.

5. Experience: There are a lot of companies that offer snow removal service, so it’s no wonder that one bad experience can put you off. But when you hire an expert with years of experience removing snow and ice and working with property owners, you will wonder why you waited.

6. Protection: Concrete and blacktop might appear as tough as nails, but upon closer inspection, you’ll discover tiny pores dotting its surface. These pores absorb water, and when the water freezes, it can damage the surface. A professional snow and ice management company can cater to your needs, and use calcium chloride instead of rock salt, saving you money in the long-term.

7. Equipment: The average property owner might have a few items to manage snow and ice, but these things really only work when you have time and can actually manage the workload. When you hire a snow and ice management contractor, they’ll come with all the equipment needed to manage even the biggest job.

8. Promptness: If there is snow in the forecast, we’ll know it before you do. It is our business to stay on top of any major weather events. It’s this promptness that you can rely on when snow hits our area.

9. Time: For the most money-conscious property owners, the concept of hiring someone to do a job doesn’t sound like savings when they can do it themselves. But trust us when we say, the time you save not managing what Mother Nature throws at us, is time you can spend elsewhere. That’s money in the bank.

10. Tranquility: Knowing that someone who you can trust is on the job when the weather acts up is peace of mind that money can’t buy. Hire a snow and ice management company this season and experience a worry-free winter.

Ready to talk more about how we can help you manage the snow and ice this winter? Please contact us today to discuss our rates.

Surviving Winter 101: Prep Your Shovel With Cooking Spray

Shoveling snow is one of the worst winter tasks, so don’t make it harder on yourself by not properly preparing. Rubbing vegetable oil, paraffin wax, or cooking spray onto your shovel ahead of time will keep the snow from sticking, and allow you to shovel faster and easier.



Surviving Winter 101: Warm Blankets With A Hot Water Bottle

Before climbing into bed, fill a water bottle with hot water and stick it under your covers. It’ll warm the sheets, and can be left safely in bed all night long for added warmth.

Take this hack to the next level by wrapping your pajamas around the bottle and sticking them under the covers before putting them on.


hot water bottle

Surviving Winter 101: Winterize Your Bike

You could buy winter tires for your bike, but those are expensive. Instead, take zip ties and stagger them around your current wheels roughly a half an inch apart and snip off the excess with scissors. They’ll give you extra traction when biking around slippery roads and are easy to remove come spring.


Surviving Winter 101: Mittens > Gloves

It may be easier to text in gloves, but your digits will be much warmer in mittens. When they’re made of the same material, mittens offer more warmth since fingers have skin-to-skin contact with each other and can share body heat. Mittens also tend to have a smaller surface area than gloves, which reduces heat loss, so when in doubt, always choose mittens.DSC_1624

Surviving Winter 101: Avoid Wearing Cotton

Cotton clothes and socks are the absolute worst things you can wear during the winter, because cotton holds moisture and loses its insulating properties. If you sweat under your jacket, get wet from the snow, or if there’s any moisture in the air, the cotton will quickly absorb it and keep it close to your skin, making you feel even colder.

Merino wool or polypropylene socks are a much better way to go since these fabrics wick moisture away from skin. Wool in particular is great because it suspends the moisture in the weave, and can absorb almost 1/3 of its own weight before making you feel cold or wet.

And for those who don’t have wool socks (or don’t want to go out in the cold to buy them), an easy hack is to put your socks on and then slip your feet into plastic bags. It looks weird, but it will keep your feet really dry and warm.

Surviving Winter 101: Learn Your Ceiling Fan Settings

Ceiling fans are not just there to cool you off in the summer — most fans have a setting that allows them to spin clockwise on low to recirculate warmer air trapped near the ceiling towards the floor. You’ll be shocked at how much warmer the room will get.ceiling fan