Commercial Tree Removal Services

Whether they’re providing shade, reducing noise pollution, protecting your privacy, or just creating appeal and contributing to an overall pleasing aesthetic, trees can be a wonderful and worthwhile addition to your businesses’ landscape. In fact, they can enhance your entire outdoor area and help to make a lasting, positive impression on both your customers and employees.

However, while a well-kept tree can improve the look of your business and it’s reputation, a damaged, decaying, or dead tree can have just the opposite effect — it can replect poorly on your company. Not only that, but insects, structural issues, harsh winds, storms, and other factors can even cause the trees around your property to be a danger to your


At DMC Commercial Snow Management, we know firsthand the impact that an unwanted tree can have on your business, and it’s precisely why we offer commercial tree removal services for our customers. Our team of professionals can remove dead, dying, and decaying trees from your property promptly and efficiently.

We’re proud to offer our commercial tree removal, stumpgrinding, and fallen tree services throughout the following areas:

  • Chester County
  • Bucks County
  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Philadelphia County

Why Remove Dead Trees From Your Property?

  • They attract pests and unwanted insects
  • They’re an eyesore
  • They can endanger surrounding flora
  • Broken and falling branches can damage your property and harm your customers

Fallen Tree Removal

A fallen tree being ground up and disposed of by a commercial tree removal service.

Regardless if it’s the result of a natural disaster, improper fertilization, a breakdown of structural integrity, or any other cause, if a tree falls on your property, you want it rem

oved immediately. However, there are certain factors to consider first. For instance, is the truck still in one piece or has it shattered on impact? Has the stump been ripped out of the ground? Is it broken into pieces of decaying and rotting wood? What’s the condition of the ground surrounding it?

All these questions can factor into exactly how our commercial tree removal service extracts the tree from your property quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals can inspect the site and make an assessment of the damage and understand which tools or machinery may be necessary to remove the fallen tree — like wood chippers, saws, or even cranes — to successfully clear the area of limbs, trunk, and other debris.

Stump Grinding

Once your dying, dead, or fallen tree has been successfully removed from the property, there is still one step remaining — what to do with the tree stump. As the “finishing touch” of tree removal, stump grinding is an efficient way to deal with the unsightly leftovers of tree removal. Not only can a stump be an eyesore, but it could also be a safety hazard for you customers and employees as well. Instead of an ugly tree stump — or worse, a hole where it used to be — our stump grinding services leave you with nothing but fresh mulch, which you can then use to fill the area or even spread it around for landscaping.

Contact Us Today for Commercial Tree Removal Services

No matter if your business or property is located in Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, or Delaware Counties — or anywhere throughout Philadelphia — our commercial tree removal, stump grinding, and fallen tree services can help restore order and curb appeal to your outdoor landscape. For more information, to get a quote, or to inquire about our other services, like commercial landscaping, contact us today.