Commercial Snow Management

Customized Snow Management Plans for Commercial Properties

Our Team of Experienced Snow Management Professionals

For over 20 years, DMC Commercial Snow Management, Inc. has been providing professional commercial snow management services for local counties. As a business owner, it is important for your property to remain clean, clear and accessible throughout the entire winter season. When a workplace is fully accessible to the outside world, more work can be done and potential business partners will be attracted to your worksite. At DMC Commercial Snow Management, Inc., we provide a wide range of commercial snow management services that will keep properties clean and businesses open throughout the messiest winter seasons. We are fully dedicated to keeping all snow and ice away from your commercial properties.

Many of our clients are amazed at how well we understand the weather and how prompt our commercial snow management services are. Well, I guess we can let you in on our secret! Our professionals work around the clock and use a state-of-the-art weather-tracking device that allows them to know when snow is going to fall (prior to local news station reports).

This empowers us to be prepared to meet the storm fully armed with state-of-the-art commercial snow plowing and ice management products and services. Individuals in the community will think the storm missed your property entirely because there will be virtually nothing left to show!

If you have any questions about the commercial snow management services we provide please feel free to give our office a call at 215-DMCSNOW. If you are not exactly sure what you need, but know you want to be prepared for the season, we would be happy to talk to you about your options. We can customize a snow management package that will be sure to fit your needs.

The last thing you need is to be unprepared for a snowy, icy winter storm. Call DMC Commercial Snow Management, Inc. today for professional commercial snow management services.

Choose A Contract Option

Any Contract Option You Choose You Will Receive The Same Level Of Service And Optional Tools And Resources Will Be Available.

Per Event

Per Event

This contract option is available for businesses that want to pay for individual storm events. This option is also great for those who like to pay for the services as they happen but at a fixed cost per storm.

Fixed Seasonal

Fixed Seasonal

This Contract option is available for businesses that want to pay one fixed cost for the entire season. This option is great for those who like to budget money for the season and not have to worry about making a payment after each salt, push or event.

How Does It All work

Once your Contract goes active, DMC SNOW inherits your winter worries. Below is our procedure.


Pretreatment is done prior to any precipitation and prevents the bond from occurring between the precipitation and the ground when temperatures are cold enough to create ice. Skipping this crucial step in your operations will greatly affect the end result and ultimately the final bill. It will take more product and labor to remove the ice than to prevent it at the start.

Continued Monitoring

With the help of our Meteorologists, Field Supervisors and our dispatch team, together they carefully monitor snowfall and changing weather conditions. At the trigger of approx. three (3) inches, crews begin plowing / shoveling operations. Crucial areas are always hit first (ie: main entrance, drive lanes, some parking spots, handicap areas, etc.). For smaller properties, during active snowfall expect crews to be on site approximately 10 to 20 minutes each visit. Piece by piece services are performed until the storm concludes. For larger properties, mobile offices and large equipment is staged onsite to run the snow and ice operations.


At the end of the storm, the finishing touches are completed and your site is ready for access.

Optional Tools And Resources

This official report is provided and signed by our Certified Meteorologists. These reports are zip code specific and offer a complete narrative of the entire storm from beginning to end. We are very careful and specific in selecting whom we employ for this crucial information. Our weather forecasters and Certified Meteorologists assist us greatly so we can maintain client satisfaction by providing accurate and timely services you depend on.

We understand the value of this tool as you’ll know of impending storms when we know. We take great pride in offering storm summaries to our clients as a courtesy.

Weather alerts and forecasts of incoming weather as we receive them right from our Meteorologists.

24 Hour Operations Center is available anytime using our text number for all operations. This allows faster communication of issues or concerns and also provides the ability to send pictures of issues to help correctly identify and correct quickly.