• A leading provider of exclusive Commercial Snow and Ice Management Services.
  • Professionally seasoned with over nineteen years of in-the-field, hands-on experience in the area.
  • Fully licensed, insured and always furthering our education to most efficiently serve our clients.
  • Ahead of the weather with Certified Meteorologists on our team to monitor ever-changing weather conditions. Even if just potential weather we are given the heads up much before the news cares to broadcast.
  • Responsive and communicative. We offer 24/7 contact with our field liaisons, including weekends and holidays. Our goal is to ensure your needs are being met and expectations exceeded. If you ever need to reach us is the most effective way, any time of day!
  • Email and text message alerts to receive forecast of upcoming weather so you can prepare.



Once your Contract goes active, DMC SNOW inherits your winter worries. Below is our procedure:


We are proactive in all we do. It’s the most efficient way to achieve the best end result. This is done on our very first visit official snow business. Pretreat helps to stop the bond between winter precipitation and the surface before it has the chance to fuse. Without this step, more visits would be required, which directly affects billing and the final product would not represent our standard of service.


With the help of our Meteorologists, Field Supervisors and our dispatch team, together they carefully monitor snowfall and changing weather conditions broken down by zip codes.

At the trigger of three (3) inches, crews are dispatched to commence servicing. Crucial areas are always hit first (ie: main entrance, drive lanes, some parking spots, handicap areas, etc.).

During active snowfall expect crews to be on site approximately 10 to 20 minutes each visit. Piece by piece services are performed until the storm concludes.


At the end of the storm, the finishing touches are completed and your site is ready for access.




This official report is provided and signed by our Certified Meteorologists. These reports are zip code specific and offer a complete narrative of the entire storm from beginning to end. We are very careful and specific in selecting whom we employ for this crucial information. Our weather forecasters and Certified Meteorologists assist us greatly so we can maintain client satisfaction by providing accurate and timely services you depend on.

We understand the value of this tool as you’ll know of impending storms when we know. We take great pride in offering storm summaries to our clients as a courtesy.


Weather alerts and forecasts of incoming weather as we receive them right from our Meteorologists.


Fresh Books is our cloud-based accounting program where you can manage billing and print or pay invoices.


Our service is unique and our commitment to you is unmatched. Not many companies are able to handle the high demand and grave attention to detail, but we have made this our specialty. Providing a stress-free and user-friendly service, we’re ready to make a difference when it comes to your snow management services.