Winter Is Coming: Tips on Creating a Snow Removal Budget in the Fall Pt. 1

Planning your commercial snow removal budget for the upcoming winter can present a unique challenge. You want to ensure your contract has all your winter-bases covered — but how exactly do you determine them this far out, and how much will you need to set aside for snow removal? Let’s take a look at some things to consider during the fall season to get your business and commercial property prepared for the frosty financials:

Estimate Wisely

That’s right — go above and beyond! However, doing so shouldn’t be without something of a formula. We recommend you plan for multiple snow events each season and find out what the cost for each would be and multiply it by however many you plan for.

Sometimes, business owners make up a number for their snow removal budget arbitrarily instead of making an educated guess. Here’s a better idea — ask us! We can survey your property and look at past years’ statistics to give you a more dialed-in idea of what you might expect this upcoming winter.

Determine Your “Snow” Tolerance

By having a low or high tolerance for snow, we mean how comfortable you are with any given amount. So, if you have a higher tolerance, it could snow 2 inches or less and you wouldn’t want it plowed — this approach might work if your property is relatively flat. If it has hills, you’d have to consider the risk even just a bit of snow could pose to vehicles and foot traffic. Low tolerance clients typically include medical facilities, government offices, shopping plazas, and the like — places owners would be concerned about slip-and-fall or lawsuit risks.

Be Strategic by Limiting Access

Some business owners decide to rope off sections of their parking lot or close certain building entrances to save money on snow removal. While the exact rates depend on what type of snow removal contract option you take, doing so can help streamline foot traffic and focus your maintenance efforts on areas that need it most.

Looking for more tips on creating a snow removal budget in the fall? Check out our next blog! If you’re ready to speak with someone on our team, contact us today.

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