Surviving Winter 101: Wear Breathable Layers.

Your body can still heat up quickly doing manual work outside in the cold. Layering is important to help you keep from overheating in your warm winter clothes. You could end up dehydrated if you get too hot and start to sweat.



Surviving Winter 101: Use Kitty Litter On Stuck Tires

Salt and sand can help when your car gets stuck in the snow, but kitty litter will also work in a pinch to give you traction. Shovel as much snow and ice as possible out from the path of your tires, and then put a liberal amount of cat litter around and under the tire. Then just rock your car back and forth, switching from drive to reverse carefully, until you get unstuck.



Surviving Winter 101: Bubble Wrap Your Windows

A lot of heat escapes through windows, unnecessarily increasing utility costs. For an easy way to insulate your window while still letting light in, use large bubble wrap and an Exacto knife.

You don’t even need tape or glue — just mist water onto your window with a spray bottle, push the flat side of the wrap against the window and it will stay put and keep your room insulated for months.



Surviving Winter 101: Ice-Proof Your Car And Stairs With Household Ingredients

Coming outside to a frozen windshield or ice on your stairs is one of the worst ways to start the day. But there are homemade solutions that can help prevent this from happening.

For car windows and windshields, mist a 3:1 mixture of distilled vinegar and water onto the glass before a storm or icy weather hits. It will keep ice from forming on your windows, and you can also spray the mixture on already ice-covered windows to melt it quickly.

To keep your stoop or sidewalk from becoming icy, make a brine treatment 24-hours ahead of a winter storm with salt dissolved in hot water. Pour a thin layer onto steps and sidewalk to make snow easy to remove, and keep an ice layer from forming.


frozen window

Surviving Winter 101: Drive Safely

I know we would all prefer to stay home during the harsh ‪‎winter storms but sometimes we must venture outside into the ‪snow covered streets. Below is a list of tips on how to drive safely during the ‪winter.

Winter Driving