3 Tips to Help You Shovel Snow on Your Driveway

3 Tips to Help You Shovel Snow on Your Driveway

As the leading commercial snow service in Bucks County and the Greater Philadelphia Area, DMC Commercial Snow Management knows a thing or two about properly executing snow management. Follow these three tips the next time you have to shovel your driveway!

Tip #1 – Stretch Before You Shovel

You might be rolling your eyes at this tip, but you want to stay on your feet — right? Your muscles contract and tighten up when exposed to cold weather, meaning you may have a higher risk of pulling something while shoveling your driveway. Plus, you’ll probably be dealing with some slippery surfaces that could increase your risk of injury even more, so stretch up before you shovel!

Tip #2 – Don’t Lift…Push

It’s much easier to push snow towards the sides of your driveway than it is to lift it up and hurl it towards a distant pile. Pretend that your shovel is the front-end of a snowplow and go back and forth horizontally, or across the shortest length of the driveway if yours is wider than it is long. Instead of making one giant pile or several small piles, stack the snow so it takes on the form of a short wall that spans across the longest parts of your driveway — no lifting necessary!

Tip #3 – Wax Your Shovel Blade

Have you ever noticed snow clumping together and sticking to your shovel as you remove it from your driveway? It makes shoveling much harder than it needs to be. You can apply some wax to the blade of your shovel to prevent this from happening. Try using petroleum jelly, WD-40, vegetable oil, or a cooking spray — snow and ice will slide off like butter!

Contact Us If You Need Commercial Snow Management

When businesses in Bucks County need snow plowing services, they turn to DMC Commercial Snow Management to get the job done promptly. Our services are available on a per-weather-event basis, or if you like to stay ahead of the game, you can sign up to pay one fixed price for the entire season! Looking for a snow and ice management company in Philadelphia? Call us today if you have any questions.

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