Top Myths About Snow and Ice Management Debunked

Top Myths About Snow and Ice Management Debunked

Snow and ice can be one of the biggest burdens on business owners and property managers during the winter, and not everyone knows the ins and outs of snow and ice management! Whether you manage your property’s snow and ice management yourself or you choose to rely on snow and ice management professionals, there are a few snow and ice management myths you might be falling victim to. Read through them here to find out the truth about snow and ice management — and why these myths are so widespread!

Myth: The More Deicer, the Better

Fact: Talk to the pros instead

Deicing chemicals are powerful and can turn dangerous ice into harmless mush. Based on the way deicer works, many people assume that using more deicer and salt is better by default. However, this is actually a snow and ice management myth. Using too much deicer or salt can turn your parking lot into a soupy mess, cause unpleasant chemical side effects, or even poison your local water supply. When it’s time to apply deicer, your best bet is to get in touch with the professionals in deicing and parking lot salting services

Myth: You Can Substitute Hot Water

Fact: Hot water is not a good deicing alternative

Over years of providing integrated deicing services in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we’ve found that many of our customers inquire about alternatives to deicer. If you want to melt a whole lot of ice quickly, what’s the first thing you think of? If you’re like many people who’ve taken a science class or just understand basic thermodynamics, you’re probably thinking about hot water. Pouring hot water on ice is a quick way to get things moving when it comes to clearing your parking lot… or is it? Actually, if you believe this, you’ve fallen for another snow and ice management myth! Hot water doesn’t stay hot enough for long enough to do a good job at clearing your parking lot. In fact, adding water — that will soon turn to ice — to the parking lot just makes things slippier, meaning you’ll need MORE deicer in the future.

Myth: It’s Okay to Wait

Fact: Snow management should be done ASAP

Especially if you’re anxious to get your business up and running again, you might not want to clear cars from the parking lot immediately after a snowfall and instead opt to wait until night, when your parking lot empties out by itself. However, assuming that night or store closing time is an optimal moment to work actually means you’ve been fooled again by one of the next snow and ice management myths. Don’t wait to remove snow from your property; snow is the lightest and easiest to remove right after it falls. Begin the snow management process right away or call for service ASAP as soon as you notice the flurries in the air. You may feel like you’re doing extra work at first, but trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Myth: You Can Always Do the Job Yourself

Fact: Sometimes it’s more efficient, not to mention smarter, to ask for help

Are you used to clearing your own parking lot? If you have a large property, you might be falling for another of the most common snow and ice management myths. When you choose to rely on commercial snow and ice management professionals, service pros will use high-tech equipment and commercial-grade salt and deicer to clear out your parking lot and get your building back open before you know it! The entire reason commercial snow management exists is to make your life easier — and to ensure your business or property management runs more smoothly.

Myth: Hiring Professionals Is Expensive

Fact: It’s affordable and more cost-effective than DIY

One of the snow and ice management myths we often hear from customers is that they’ve waited a long time to call in professionals. Many customers fear paying huge prices for something they feel they can do by themselves. However, when you choose a reputable company, prices are actually quite reasonable. And when you no longer have to spend your own time and use your own resources removing snow from your property, you’ll realize that scheduling commercial snow management is more cost-effective than doing things yourself.

Melt Your Problems Away!

Stop worrying about snow and ice management this year and start relying on DMC Commercial Snow Management. Our prompt and professional technicians are at your service to assist with everything from snow management to deicing services and everything in between. Get in touch with us today and melt your problems away!

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