How to Prevent Black Ice: Hiring Deicing Services for Your Commercial Property

How to Prevent Black Ice: Hiring Deicing Services for Your Commercial Property

The winter season in southeastern Pennsylvania is an ever-changing climate of inclement weather, icy conditions, and unpredictable storms. For this very reason, it’s crucial to stay on top of winter preparations, including hiring deicing services for your commercial property. 

In addition to regular snow plowing and managementdeicing methods ensure that pathways and parking lots remain accessible and hazard-free. For Pennsylvanians, black ice is an all-too-familiar hazard, but it doesn’t have to be. 

What’s the Difference Between Black Ice and “White Ice?”

White ice is what you’re used to recognizing as ice or snow ice. It’s easy to detect because it’s white and often thick or piled up in predictable locations. On the other hand, black ice is a very thin and transparent sheet of ice over pavement and cement, and it easily blends in. 

Black ice doesn’t often look like ice at all. In hazardous conditions, black ice can go undetected because it bears a shocking resemblance to wet roads and melted snow. Be extra careful on shaded roads or parking lots that don’t get much direct sunlight. Black ice is most likely to occur on bridges and overpasses where snow can rapidly melt during the day and quickly freeze as temperatures drop. 

Combat Black Ice with Vigilance

The best prevention plan for black ice is preparedness. When you hire a snow management company, inquire about their deicing services. A qualified snow management company will know exactly where to look for black ice warning signs on your property and treat the areas with anti-ice agents accordingly. ‘

At DMC Commercial Snow Management, we know how to handle Pennsylvania winters. Our experienced snow care specialists work closely with state-of-the-art weather technology and meteorologists to provide high-quality care to our customers at a moment’s notice

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For more information about what we can do to keep your commercial property free of common hazards like black ice this winter, reach out today! We proudly serve the Greater Philadelphia area, including Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and Bucks County.

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