It's Never Too Early to Perfect Your Snow Shoveling Technique

It’s Never Too Early to Perfect Your Snow Shoveling Technique

Living in an area where snowfall is a frequent visitor has its ups and downs. It also comes with the constant responsibility of finding a correct and efficient way to prevent injury when removing that snow so your business can run uninterrupted. But that time of the year doesn’t have to be difficult and painful, and there are many ways to help maintain a healthy body and prevent unnecessary snow shoveling injuries. Learning how to prepare for cold temperatures and the types of snow and ice that come with it is very important. No matter the time of the year, it’s never too early to perfect your snow shoveling technique.

Here are some snow shoveling tips to help improve your technique and make the whole process easier while giving you the best outcome you could want without injury.

Get A Head Start 

Plan It Out

Planning out your snow management process before the first snowfall is a good idea. Take note of the area you will need to shovel and estimate how long it may take you to complete the work. Putting down specific kinds of ice melts to keep the area prepared is a great way to help speed the process up. Doing this can help ensure that you will be able to focus more on your snow shoveling technique and less on the area you need to shovel — ultimately allowing more work to get done!

No matter what tools and equipment you will use, ensure all of it is in working order and good to use before beginning. Tools that are broken can be very dangerous, whether you’re using plastic shovels or metal shovel blades.

Watch The Clock

Make sure you don’t work for too long at one time since working in cold temperatures can increase health risks. Preparing time limits can ensure you take short breaks and recharge. This ultimately helps improve your snow management efficiency. Once your body is rested, you can get right back to the job.

Prepare Your Body For The Hard Work

It is recommended that you start the snow management process as soon as you feel those dropping temperatures to get the best and most efficient results. It is always best to shovel close to when the snow has fallen; that way, it is fresh and does not completely ice over, making it even more difficult.


Before you start shoveling, remember to prepare your body for the upcoming task ahead. Stretching is a great way to do this. Take a few minutes to perform a couple of basic stretches for your back, neck, and hamstrings. This action can help to warm up your muscles, which enables you to move faster. Stretching also helps keep your muscles loose and less tense during the snow management process. Avoiding this step can increase the risk of hurting your back and neck while pushing the snow.

Dress Warm

Lower temperatures restrict blood flow to many of your active muscles, which are normally helping with body flexibility and movement. Because of this, it is important to dress warmly, which in turn helps to keep those active muscles working well.

Perfect Your Snow Shoveling Technique

Learning a correct and comfortable technique for snow shoveling is one of the most important parts of the whole process. While removing snow and ice, keep in mind these few points to help perfect your snow shoveling technique: 

  1. Remember to bend your knees, and to help prevent back pain, always lift with your legs, not your lower back.
  2. Always avoid any twisting motions while you are shoveling or throwing snow. This action can create a major strain on many muscles. Instead, remain straight and firm when this action is needed. 
  3. Switch between both hands often. Strain can form in the wrist if one hand is used for a long time without rest. 
  4. Hold your tools correctly. Avoid holding them in a way that requires your back to be bent often.
  5. When the snow is deep and heavy, don’t attempt to remove all the snow in one single scoop. This can cause unnecessary strain on the back and neck. Instead, remove the top few inches and work your way down to the ground. 
  6. To help keep comfort and ease in the shoulders and neck, avoid using the arms too much, such as throwing snow too far or shoveling too close to the ground. Instead, maintain smooth shoveling movements and keep arms close to the body. 

Skip The Work

Snow management does not have to be a difficult experience. We are happy to provide efficient snow management in Philadelphia and the surrounding area so that you can focus your energy on running your business, no matter the weather conditions outside! If you are looking for reliable snow management services for businesses, DMC Commercial Snow Management is here to help. Reach out to our team today, and be prepared for the first snowfall of the season.

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