Winter Is Coming: Tips on Creating a Snow Management Budget in the Fall Pt. 2

Winter Is Coming: Tips on Creating a Snow Management Budget in the Fall Pt. 2

In our previous blog, we explored some ways how your business can start budgeting for your commercial snow management expenses in the fall, including using past years’ snowfall and assessing your property (and areas throughout it) to determine how much snow you may be okay with. Now, we’ll jump into some other areas that may help you save up:

Patience Is A Virtue…But “Waiting” Doesn’t Save You Money

Many people think that holding off until after a bad storm for snow management professionals to come and service the property will save them money. Well, those people might want to reconsider! Waiting until you have several inches of snow on the ground to make any arrangements ends up costing you more, as the snow isn’t fresh if there are more than about two inches; it becomes hard and compacted. If pros come out earlier, they can clear it faster and with less labor.

The Importance of Pre-Treatment

Some may believe that pre-treating their property before a storm will increase their budget; however, that’s not necessarily true. Doing so helps professionals clear your snow faster, absolutely. But it won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket  — you’re just putting chemical costs on the front end instead of after inclement weather. Our pre-treating services actually allow us to service your property in fewer visits.

Have Some Extra Money? Hold Onto It!

While “saving money” may seem a bit obvious during the first half of the year, let’s fast-forward a bit. Let’s say you budgeted for a typical snow year, but it didn’t snow. While that’s undoubtedly a relief as it pertains to you and your business, it may be tempting to redistribute all that extra money immediately. Instead, we recommend you start saving up next year — the following winter may surprise you.

The Power Of One: Use A Single Provider For Your Property’s Winter Needs

At DMC SNOW Commercial Management, we have several offerings to give business owners and property managers throughout the area, including deicing services.

We know what some of you may be thinking — sounds great for our team, but you’re not quite sure exactly how it benefits you. Think again! By keeping everything under one roof, it means you receive even better services than amassing various contractors. By partnering with us for comprehensive services, we’ll get to know your property and use that familiarity for years to come — helping you with custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Winter is well on its way — are you ready? For additional information, reach out to our team today!

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