Salting Parking Lots: Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Salting Parking Lots: Common Mistakes and Best Practices

When it’s cold outside, proper snow and ice management is essential. Unchecked snow and ice buildup can be a hazard to employees and consumers alike. Failure to mitigate this risk could put your business at liability for any injuries, which is why you should be well-prepared throughout the snow season. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes and follow the best practices for salting parking lots. Or, hire DMC Commercial Snow Management to get the job done for you!

Common Mistakes with Parking Lot Salting

While rock salt and other products can work wonders on an icy parking lot, it’s easy to make a mistake in the process. Committing such mistakes may result in your business reducing the product’s effectiveness, wasting money, and harming local groundwater.

Depending on what you’re using, it’s essential to follow the guidelines that it comes with. Some specially formulated salting products work preventatively and can be strewn about before a storm. On the other hand, you should only apply rock salt after the storm has ended. Likewise, you shouldn’t cut rock salt with other rough weather solutions, such as sand. While sand works well to provide traction in an emergency, using it in combination with salt merely reduces the effectiveness of salting.

Best Practices for Salting Your Parking Lot

By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you’re halfway to getting the most out of your salting efforts. The next step is to follow the best practices of salting parking lots to get the most out of your effort, save money, and protect the environment.

Break Out the Snow Shovels

Rock salt is excellent at taking care of ice and snow, but it’s expensive and harmful to rely too much on it. You’ll get the best value and the ideal result by shoveling or plowing first and then using rock salt.

Use the Correct Amount

While 2.3 pounds of salt per thousand square feet is enough in mild conditions, harsher cold and more significant volumes of snow require more.

Call the Snow Management Experts

It can be challenging to judge the correct amount of salt to use, let alone do the shoveling beforehand, so call in the professionals!

For more information about all of our offerings, including deicing services and snow management, call DMC Commercial Snow Management.

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